terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

A associação Chilena também aderiu ao movimento:

Iquique Open 2011 / Copa Eitel von Mühlenbrock is arranged this year as a 4 day / 4 task serial class
competition in honour of our deseaced friend and President of our assosiacion Eitel von Mühlenbrock.
The competetion starts with inscriptions on thursday 27th of october.
The competition days and respective take-offs are:
Friday 28th of october, Alto Hospicio
Saturday 29th of october, San Marcos
Sunday 30th of october, San Marcos
Monday 31st october, Alto Hospicio
The website
www.openiquique.cl is still under construccion but should be ready soon.
Best regards
Carlos Curi Davila
Organization Iquique Open 2011

In the aftermath of the incidents that took place in the Worldchampionships in Piedrahita and other high
level competitions we have made the following decision:
The Chilean nacional championships – Open Iquique and Open Santiago – in the season 2011 go
SERIAL and inscriptions will be accepted only for wings classified up to LTF 2-3 (DHV 2-3) / EN D
that have not been modified or / and changed in configuration.
In january 2012 when the ongoing nacional ranking season ends we will hold another meeting where
we will make a desicion considering the following season 2012, taking in consideration, as well as we
did this time, the worldwide tendency and information we will achieve from other parties, always
giving priority to the security of our pilots in Chile.
Chilean Pilots Committee
Organization Open Iquique
Organzation Open Santiago

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